Sunday, August 16, 2009


Obviously, something has Paula Abdul expecting that she will be back to work shortly! And does a Twitter to a Ryan Seacreast-type address mean that she is staying in touch with her old Idol pals? Could it be that Paula really does not want to leave her A.I. judging buddies?

On Twitter, Paula wrote, "I feel like a normal girl getting some time off 2 take care of myself & 2 hang out w/family & friends, but it won't be for long!"

That sounds like Paula knows where she is headed -- and that it will happen soon!

She also wrote, "I've never retired. that's why I've lasted in this business for over 20 yrs. I've only scratched the surface. Hang tight! xoP"

Could hang tight mean that an announcement will come soon?

Paula wrote to a Twitter address with a Ryan Seacrest connection, "Hi honey! I hope your having fun on the road. I guess you're in Boston now. I'm doing great! I miss you all! Big Hug & kiss"

Not sure if this Twitter address was for "the" actual Ryan Seacrest, but Boston sounds like the address might be of someone connected with the show.

On Aug 14th that same address posted some Paula related Tweets: a retweet of Paula's quote, "'The best way out is always through' - Robert Frost,". And it had a @PaulaAbdul Follow Friday. And it sent a @PaulaAbdul, "Hang in there kiddo ;)"

Paula also told fans that she was getting medical appointments out of the way. She wrote that she had her teeth cleaned, and added "I was accosted in an underground parking lot with my chiropractor running interference! and it didn't end there! thank god for my officer friend mike who stopped traffic to assist in the great escape"

Paula also wrote that she took her office out to lunch.

Could the lunch have been a celebration -- perhaps of a deal? And were the medical appointments to clear the schedule for upcoming work?

Whatever is going on, Paula seemed in high spirits, writing, "I've having a wonderful weekend!" and "Hope you guys are having a wonderful weekend! What a beautiful day to get outside!"

Leaving Paula's Twitter messages aside, there is word that Paula really wants to be back on American Idol. "Sources connected to Paula Abdul say Miss Paula wants back on 'American Idol," reports TMZ.

"Our sources say Paula's Twitter is retracted -- at least in her mind -- if the price is right. As we first reported, the magic number is $10 million," continues TMZ.

Also, Paula's meetings with ABC "didn't really go anywhere," said TMZ. "She doesn't want to do 'Dancing with the Stars' -- we're told, in no small part, because she wants to be able to jump on a plane at a moment's notice to rejoin her fellow judges on 'Idol.'" As the story goes, Paula also got miffed at the producers of "Ugly Betty" for leaking that they were talking to her about doing the show -- "She's not going to do it now," added TMZ. "As for 'Idol,' as far as we know they've been pretty hard-nosed and haven't contacted her reps, but we're not positive. In the end, we're thinking 'A.I.' isn't gonna let a little Twitter torpedo one of its golden geese."

But TMZ posted an update revealing that Paula was sighted at Boa on Saturday night -- that she "didn't quite know ... whether or not she would be joining 'Dancing with the Stars.' Hmmm ..."

Of course, first American Idol Kelly Clarkson has opined to MYV that she thinks the American Idol/Paula thing is all about "drama" -- and that Paula will return to Idol.

"I totally think they're doing that for drama," Clarkson said. "I know those producers -- they're doing that for drama. She's totally probably going to come back."

So everyone has an opinion and is trying to follow the clues to where Paula will go next.

One clue may come on Monday morning when Dancing With the Stars releases the names of competitors for this season. If Paula's name is not among them, it may be a clue that she has not inked a deal with ABC.

Oh, theurbandaily has reported that Paula "is secretly planning to launch her own daytime talk show -- even if her bosses at American Idol met her ... salary demands for the hit show's ninth season."

"Paula is unpredictable and not afraid to speak her mind -- but she also leads from the heart and really connects with people," theurbandaily quotes its source. "Studio execs feel those are the kind of personal attributes that would make her perfect for a daytime talk show."

So the saga continues. Where will Paula go next? What possible deals are in the works -- or even already spelled out in a possible contract deal?

As Paula wrote on Twitter, her time off "won't be for long."

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