Sunday, August 9, 2009


Who will win the competition to have Paula Abdul headlining their show? "So You Think You Can Dance" wants her, possibly as guest judge and choreographer. "Dancing With the Stars" apparently wants her too!

Ryan, Simon and Randy all say they love Paula -- that they are stunned that Paula is leaving and wish that she would be back on the show. Fans love Paula. And reports are surfacing that plenty of network execs, other than from Idol, think that Paula is the greatest thing since sliced bread!

"Now that Abdul is a free agent, she's already a hot commodity to networks looking to chip away at AI's ratings during this rare moment of weakness," read an article in Rolling Stone.

Back when Kara DioGuardi joined the American Idol judging panel, some fans raised eyebrows, and wondered if Fox was auditioning her -- to replace Paula. But in recent days both DioGuardi and Fox have said that was never the case -- that replacing Paula was never on the minds of Fox execs.

Still, in affairs of the heart, often the truth is shrouded in tales of "we still care about each other" and "we will always be friends." Fox's announcement of Paula's departure held that familiar tone. And of course, with break-ups, words get spoken and feelings get hurt. And generally those promises of "we will still be friends" lasts not much longer than it takes to speak those words.

Opinions seem overwhelming that Fox is making a mistake! Folks ask how could Fox let their arguably third biggest draw of their number one reality show simply walk away without really trying to keep her? Fans opine that Idol execs didn't mind coughing up big bucks for host Seacrest -- and will likely do the same for Simon when his new contract is finalized. But why not pay Paula? Is Fox like the fox in the hen house -- caught red handed for stealing Paula all of these years, now sheepishly hiding behind its insinuations that Paula is actually considerably less valuable to Idol than Ryan and Simon?!

Judging by the $3 million to $4 million dollar figures being tossed about as possibly Paula's most recent salary -- most Idol fans think that Paula has been Fox's biggest bargain of all!

Idol contestants love Paula and do not understand why she will not be back. They viewed her as "motherly" -- like the kindly mother hen with a watchful eye to make certain that they were doing well and treated right. They say she cared -- was the judge with a tender heart.

If anything, they say that Paula helped Fox! She made Fox look good -- giving Idol an appearance of feeling concern for its young contestants. And they say she helped Simon. Her tenderness countered Simon's sometimes harsh critiques, allowing him the luxury of speaking the harsher words without giving fans the feeling that the contestants were being picked on.

But no matter -- because it looks like there are plenty of suitors for the lady who has captured America's heart. Producer/judge Nigel Lythgoe has wanted Paula for "So You Think You Can Dance" from the get go -- saying that Fox was crazy to let her go and that he would be happy to welcome her as a guest judge/choreographer on his show.

ABC's entertainment president Steve McPherson said that he would love to see Paula as a judge on "Dancing With the Stars!" In fact, he said that he would love her either as a "participant or a contestant."

So why is Fox letting their gem walk away? Are they trying to save face after paying her a bargain salary for years? Or is Fox simply like the boy that has fallen out of love with the girl -- jilting Paula and trying to quickly move on to a new love?

Whatever the reasons, it seems that Fox's lovey-dovey feelings for Paula are not there -- and Fox is acting the boy that dumps the girl and can't wait to get out of town.

But if Paula does not suit Fox executive's fancy -- there are suitors who appreciate her sweetness and her cute, spunky and sparkling personality. Simply, where Fox may have fallen out of love -- there are plenty of others who feel differently!!

Perhaps, in the end, the best advice for Paula -- go with someone who loves you!!!!

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